Jennifer Salvon, Photographer

Remembering Relishing  Rejoicing

2012 02 NYC-1.jpg

these are the elements that have inspired my love affair with photography. 

Remembering:  It all began when I learned to use a camera to capture the joyous moments in life and remember them always.  I was afraid that I might not remember them if I did not immortalize them in pictures.  With 2 small children, life was becoming a blur of beautiful activity that I needed to preserve forever….

Relishing:  As my knowledge and skill has grown, not only am I capturing the memory but I am relishing the moment, the angle of the light, the exchange of glances, the magic of capturing a random touch, the wonder of nature and the wonder of just being.  Capturing this for myself, my family and now also for clients is a miraculous feeling.

Rejoicing:  All this has given me the freedom to rejoice in the self-expression and sense of fulfillment the art of photography has given me.  I am rejoicing in a newfound connection to self and soul.